Major Depressive Disorder in the Community: Treatment and Outcomes

In this workshop, we will discuss current diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder including some early identifying signs and symptoms, current treatment options, and available resources in the community.


Panel Discussions At Juneteenth Health Fest

•Addressing Mental Health in the Black/African American Community
•Staying Mentally Healthy in the Face of Institutional Racism & Anti-Blackness
•Healthy Relationships

Pelvic Pain in Women

will review the most common causes of pelvic pain such as infections, fibroids and menopause, and different treatment options.

Sound Is Medicine

Gbeda Acupuncture and Sound Medicine focuses on Prevention of Chronic and Terminal Disease.

Black Births Matter

Kristina Brown is an epidemiologist by training with specialty in the identification and assessment of disparities (race and gender).

Holistic Health Dispelled

Queen Roue is a holistic health lifestyle model with passions for self healing, natural beauty, and creative learning.

Finding Self in Relationship

This presentation will focus on ways to use intimate relationships to develop a stronger understanding of self.

Conscious Belief: Who Are You, To You?

Melanie Holst-Collins is a Conscious Lifestyle Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Founder of Grow Your Lovespace, a movement and platform to inspire, motivate, challenge and empower men and women to step into The Conscious Life.

Your Secret World

The time is now empower all who will hear ways to improve their world. Juneteenth provides an intimate setting to share these ideas and experiences with the ones who matter most.