Save Yourself

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn to:
• Identify emotional and physical stress related symptoms
• Effectively manage stress and anxiety
• Develop a self-care routine
• Avoid “burn out”


Ancestral Tools To Gain Wellness and Freedom

Nailah’s role and path as a spiritual-cultural eldress is to sustain and promote health, wealth and creative balance and well-being of Black/Afrikan people throughout he Diaspora utilizing Ancestral cultural traditions and tools.

Midwives and Birth Companions: Improving Outcomes in our Community

With the staggering disparities in outcomes for black birthing people and our babies, it is more important than ever that we ensure that black people not only have access to the care a midwife can provide, but that they have access to midwives and other birth support workers from similar cultural backgrounds.

Forgiveness: Healing You

One of the keys you will learn is how healing the mind/spirit is essential to healing the body and lowering your risk for disease.

The 7 Deadly Body Sins

What if your relationship with your body can transform from condemnation, to compassion?

Panel Discussions At Juneteenth Health Fest

•Addressing Mental Health in the Black/African American Community
•Staying Mentally Healthy in the Face of Institutional Racism & Anti-Blackness
•Healthy Relationships