Juneteenth Health Fest

The African American community is one of the most vulnerable populations in Austin/Travis County, with a shrinking population and the largest health disparities. There are few major health-related activities targeted toward empowering the African American community in Austin/Travis County. This is the reason for the Juneteenth Health Fest, a free event open to the public which is a little more than a health fair, a little less than a conference and just right to celebrate health, wellness and liberation.

The Juneteenth Health Fest will be held on Saturday, June 24, 2017. There will be several 30 minute health workshops taking place, facilitated by African American health professionals in both western and traditional medicine fields. There will also be health screenings for blood pressure and glucose courtesy the Quality of Life Unit of Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services.

Goals for Juneteenth Health Fest

To create a well organized health event focused on the health and wellbeing of the Black/African American community in Austin Texas

To connect at least 100  members of the Black/African American community to local Black/African American healthcare professionals and resources through online registration, promotion and event attendance.

To encourage positive health and wellness experiences in the local cultural context of celebrating Black/African American liberation on Juneteenth weekend.

To empower the Black/African American community by providing valuable health and wellness information and resources.

To generate collaboration among community organizations, resources, leaders and health practitioners to make health and wellness services more accessible to the Black/African American community.