Save Yourself

Workshop by Dana Edgerton

About the Presenter

“Solutions Over Stress” is a mantra, and summarizes Dana’s approach to life and therapy. This mantra suggests one has the power to choose the extent to which they allow circumstances to affect their lives. Dana specializes in identity development and self-rediscovery through: self-esteem building, reclaiming power over anxiety and fear, personal boundary setting, redefining relationships and rebuilding after trauma. Dana enjoys working with, and learning about culturally diverse populations.

Dana is also the Clinical Consultant for Open Path Collective. Open Path Collective is a network of therapists who agree to see clients at reduced rates to provide access to high quality, affordable interventions. Dana is proud to say she is the first therapist to join the network.

Mrs. Edgerton is an Austin native; she received her Masters of Arts in Counseling from St. Edward’s University in 2010, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from Texas State University in 2000. Dana is married and has two children. She embraces opportunities to enhance her outlook on life, enjoys listening to music, cooking, and spending time with family.

Dana works with adolescents and adults. She sees individuals, families, couples, and facilitates groups. Dana offers evening and weekend appointments in Central and North Austin, as well as TeleSessions (online therapy). To schedule a session, call (512) 507-0286, or email
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About the Workshop

Have you been so busy taking care of others that you have forgotten to take care of yourself? Putting yourself first may seem like a selfish concept; however, we must save ourselves before we can save anyone else.

When we continuously give to others without replenishing ourselves we can become overwhelmed, easily angered, and stressed out. Although, “self-care” may seem difficult to squeeze into a busy schedule, it is much easier than you think and so very rewarding.

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn to:
• Identify emotional and physical stress related symptoms
• Effectively manage stress and anxiety/
• Develop a self-care routine
• Avoid “burn out”