Ancestral Tools To Gain Wellness and Freedom

Full Title: Ancestral Tools to Free the Black Inner-Spiritual Head To Gain Mental, Emotional, Whole-Body Balance, Wellness and Freedom

Workshop by Nailah I. Akinyemi-Sankofa

About the Presenter

Community activist and cultural warrior, Iya Nailah I. Akinyémi-Sankofa, originally from Chicago settled in Austin with her Ibeji [Twin daugthers] in 1989. Nailah is an accomplished professional/independent multidisciplinary artisan, furniture and fashion designer, a published writer, dancer-choreographer, nutritionist-chef and gardener. Currently her primary creative focus is in the fashion industry as a couture designer, textile artisan, instructor, and an apparel production program, academy and workroom director. She founded RunWay Underground Fashion Production Group, Network & Academy in 2008 as well as NTUMA’PA Fashion Design and Apparel Production Workroom, Boot Camp and Academy in 2012. Iya Nailah manages to balance her external, daily business life with her traditional cultural-spiritual life with Ancestral Tradition as her foundation, safety net and amour.

For the past 20+ years Nailah has been a devotee, traditional teacher, diviner, healer, ritual specialist and eldress of her spiritual house and groves within Ifa/Yoruba, Akan and KiKongo Ancestral spiritual and cultural traditions. She is one of few ritual specialists and cultural artisans in this region who creates the ceremonial implements, garments and spiritual environments within “organic” West Afrikan cultural contexts. Nailah’s role and path as a spiritual-cultural eldress is to sustain and promote health, wealth and creative balance and well-being of Black/Afrikan people throughout he Diaspora utilizing Ancestral cultural traditions and tools.

About the Workshop

We will discuss the importance of and methods Adulawo (Black people) can tap into to re-align and strengthen our Ori Inu/Okra [Spiritual Head] for mental, emotional, spiritual balance and well-being while navigating and resisting western-racist institutional frameworks.

Why Participating in Juneteenth Health Fest 2017 is Important to Me

“Cuz it’s a positive Black thang!”