When I Grow Up…& Other Adolescent Milestones: Reducing health risk behaviors by promoting Positive Youth Development

Workshop by Dr. Chinwe Efuribe

About the Presenter

Dr. Chinwe Efuribe (aka Dr. Chinwe) is a medical physician at People’s Community Clinic (Austin) and it’s offsite location at Manor Mustang Health Center (Manor). She provides acute and preventive health services to children, adolescents and young adults. When she is not caring for patients at work, she spends her time planning and evaluating programs for improving clinic efficiency, promoting healthy youth development and preventing adolescent high risk behaviors. Her public health interests include preventing unplanned teen pregnancy, sexual/reproductive health services and mental health concerns. Dr. Chinwe believes in empowering youth and their families to overcome adversity in pursuit of their health and life goals.

She completed her pediatric residency in Pennsylvania and a fellowship in adolescent medicine at the University of Minnesota. She also has a Masters in Public Health with a focus on community health promotion. Born in Nigeria and raised in Houston, Dr. Chinwe now enjoys family time spent with her husband and two children in Austin. Her hobbies include working with church youth, traveling, cooking, community-building, watching political analyses and comedies.

About the Workshop

This workshop will review the most common health concerns affecting minority youth and how promoting positive youth development can be important for reducing health risk behaviors. Through an interactive session, participants will: 1) Identify common health issues facing today’s youth; 2) Understand adolescent developmental milestones and the principles of Positive Youth Development (PYD); 3) Recognize opportunities to incorporate PYD principles in the lives of young people.

Why Participating in Juneteenth Health Fest 2017 is Important to Me

“I believe in the strong influence of community-connectedness for promoting healthy development, especially for young people.”