The 7 Deadly Body Sins

Workshop by Isabel Masado

About the Presenter

Isabelle Masado is passionate about providing people with the tools to rebuild a compassionate relationship with their body. The goal is to not only realize the struggle of ceasing the war against oneself, but to also realize the ways in which we contribute to the struggle of other. The journey to self-compassion is therefore not just an individual quest, but a community responsibility. Isabelle has a blog called the dear body project, and will soon publish a book called 21 days of self-compassion.

About the Workshop

What if your relationship with your body can transform from condemnation, to compassion? Isabelle is taking the 7 deadly sins and explaining how they show up in our relationship with our Body. Then she will explain what a compassionate response looks like, rather than the usual shame that drowns us when we feel we’ve done something “wrong”.

Why Participating in Juneteenth Health Fest 2017 is Important to Me

“As black girls, there’s an added layer of shame and struggle that we have to endure, in addition to the body shaming women have to deal with. I hope to create a safe space in which we can discuss these issues with ease and comfort.”