Men’s Health Talk

Workshop by Kenneth D. Thompson (Fatherhood Program Specialist)

About the Presenter

Kenneth D. Thompson, Sr., brings a talent for children’s and fathers’ advocacy cultivated in the public sector. Kenneth’ s experiences as a parent educator, facilitator, mentor and talk show host serve him well in his current assignment as the first ever Fatherhood Program Specialist for Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in the Family Focus Division. His previous assignments include lead host for “The Dad-Show” and the featured facilitator for “Focus on Fathers.”

Kenneth served as Director of “All American Mentoring Project,” a mentoring program with an emphasis on children from single parent homes and low social economic status. He is the former President of the Board of Trustees for the Pflugerville Independent School District where he was the first African American elected to political office in the Pflugerville community.

Kenneth is also the former Vice President of Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members. Kenneth served as the Vice-Chair for the Austin Advisory Committee addressing Disproportionality within the Welfare System.

About the Workshop

This workshop will be an open discussion on the role of men in maintaining a healthy community. The conversation will include sex behaviors, infant mortality, STD’s and pre-term births as well as overall health outcomes that impacts the African American communities

Why Participating in Juneteenth Health Fest 2017 is Important to Me

“Health is the cornerstone of a people’s existence.”