Forgiveness: Healing You

Workshop by Michelle Bandy

About the Presenter

Michelle L Bandy, MD is a transplant from Chicagoland where she attended medical school and residency. She is a board-certified Family physician and a Fellow of the American Academy Family Physician. Inspired to incorporate more natural healthcare, Dr. Bandy launched Nautical Spring Wellness here in Austin, which specializes in whole personalized healthcare and wellness coaching. She aims to get to the root of the problem and incorporates more natural methods to achieve desired outcomes. Her goal is to help clients achieve restoration, rejuvenation, and reset of mind, body, and soul, so they can live their best life.

Dr. Bandy is uniquely qualified to understand and serve people from many backgrounds and has provided medical care in rural America, the inner city, for an Indian health service clinic, and other under-served communities, in addition to contracting with the Department of Defense to provide care for the military and their families. She has volunteered in mission projects in the US and overseas. She is a vegan foodie, enjoys poetry, the outdoors, travel, and is a health and fitness enthusiast.

About the Workshop

The time you were unjustly terminated from your job or the time your loved one disrespected the boundaries of your relationship? You know the feelings, right? Chances are you may still be carrying those toxic emotions. But, did you know you might be killing yourself…. slowly? Everything that is in nature that gathers pressure eventually requires release and your physical body is no exception. One of the keys you will learn is how healing the mind/spirit is essential to healing the body and lowering your risk for disease. Consider this preventive medicine from the doctor.