Parenting while Black: Raising the next generation of activists

Workshop by Dr. Jules Narcisse

About the Presenter

Dr. Jules Narcisse has been an activist since the 80s, when she led a walk-out at her elementary school to protest unfair lunch detention. That little girl became a community organizer and specialist in behavioral disorders and learning disabilities. Working with and advocating for children and families has been her passion for over 20 years.

As an educator, behavioral therapist and clinical director, Jules has provided direct consultation to students and their families as well as training and supports for service providers. However, Jules considers her most important role in life as being a parent. She contends that raising the next generation of activists and change agents is a task that is imperative to resisting oppression and enacting liberation from the gentrification and subjugation of our communities.

About the Workshop

This workshop will discuss issues affecting black families and ways to effectively parent within a social justice framework. Current parenting concerns and problem-solving paradigms will be examined in relation to cultivating a critical lens within your child.

Why Participating in Juneteenth Health Fest 2017 is Important to Me

“Connecting to the community for reciprocal information sharing and building of activists infrastructure.”